"Neighbourhood Watch" - 28, 29 & 30 April 2022

Comedy By Alan Ayckbourn, Directed by Sara Yarwood

Brother and sister Martin and Hilda Massie live together, leading a quiet, Christine existance in the confines of the Bluebell Hill development. Just as they are preparing for a housewarming gathering, their peace is shattered by a young trespasser in their garden.

The Massies' neighbours congregate in their living room and together they agree to form a neighbourhood watch group to safeguard against further incidents. But after the Massies' beloved garden gnome Monty is thrown through their window, matters swiftly escalate, complicated by Martin's burgeoning romance with Amy, wife of Gareth, who was formerly involved with Luther, husband of Magda.... What begins as a well-intentioned scheme for a safer community ends in violence and acrimony...

The Guardian observed..

One of Alan Ayckbourn's least appreciated qualities is the sharpness of his social antennae. Ayckbourn's 75th play confronts the danger of leaving law and order to volunteer vigilantes. It is refreshing to report that the piece is highly ambitious, biliously funny and right on the button.

As always, Ayckbourn tackles ideas through character. In this case the focus is on Martin and Hilda, devoutly Christian siblings who move into a nice, middle-class area fringed by a run-down estate. So, when Martin catches a young intruder, he quickly forms a Neighbourhood Watch committee whose members include a paranoid ex-security officer, a congenital female snooper and a much-cuckolded engineer. Having led the way in creating a virtually crime-free gated community, with its own security system and punitive medieval stocks, Martin becomes a national hero lauded by the Daily Mail. But, almost inevitably, this ideal world is threatened by a mix of sexual appetite, sibling jealousy and irrepressible violence.

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Back in 2021 we did.....

"Dirty Dusting" - 18, 19 & 20th November 2021

Comedy By Ed Waugh & Trevor Wood, Directed by Laraine Dunleavy

Olive, Elsie and Gladys are three senior citizens topping up their meagre pensions with cleaning work in a large office block. Mocked as “the Jurassic Park Shift”, one Friday they learn that they’re about to be made redundant – to the glee of their manager, vindictive Mummy’s Boy David.

While from slightly different classes, the three women have known each other for most of their lives – not least from their time together in the Girl Guides – and are always ready to watch each others’ backs. When they mistakenly receive a call intended for a local sex-chat line, they're inspired to set themselves up as the “Telephone Belles”, in order to “clean up” some cash during their final weekend on the premises.

As well as many laughs, this includes a poignant look at the difficulties of getting older as well as sympathetic and funny.

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Saturday 28th August 2021 from 3pm to 5pm

At Sway Village Hall, Middle Road, Sway, SO41 6BB.

If you are interested in getting involved with future Sway Drama Club productions, either on stage or behind the scenes, we would be delighted to welcome you. There are many different roles you can get involved in, such as lighting, sound, set building, costumes, make-up, scene painting, props, advertising, and of course acting!

No previous experience necessary, just a desire to be part of our friendly team and have fun! Sway Drama Club aims to put on at least two shows a year at Sway Village Hall. These can vary from comedy plays, farce, murder mysteries, pantos etc and we try to donate as much as possible to various charities from our takings. We also hold regular Club Nights and social events.

CHESHIRE CATS – by Gail Young
Directed by Sara Yarwood, 1st, 2nd & 3rd July 2021

Grown women, aching feet and heaving bosoms! Follow the Cheshire Cats team as they speedwalk their way to fundraising success in the London Moonwalk. Hilary, Siobhan, Yvonne, Vicky and Maggie are attempting to walk 13 miles across the capital in record time in their decorated bras and posh new trainers, but the 6th member of the team doesn't seem to meet the physical criteria!
Cheshire Cats is a cross between a girls night out and a real mission to support a cause close to many hearts, with plenty of laughs and a few tears along the way

"A genuinely funny and even touching ensemble piece" - Edinburgh Fringe review, The Scotsman

'Cheshire Cats' is a heart-warming, thoughtful, truly comic homage to walkers, marshalls, and organisers of charity walks everywhere.

Our first performance to be held outside (weather permitting), Sway Drama Club are delighted to invite you to join us for what promises to be an uplifting, enjoyable and thought-provoking evening.

We will be performing the plays on the Stamford Rise green, which is the grass area directly alongside Sway Village Hall.

Doors open early so bring a picnic, there will be a licenced bar available and some stalls (including strawberries & cream!). If you wish to sit on the grass bring a picnic blanket and sit up the front or the more relaxed can bring chairs and sit slightly further back for this relaxed evening of outdoor entertainment.

Limited parking at Sway Village Hall car park. The green is wheelchair accessible.

Tickets limited (due to Covid-19), so book early to avoid disappointment

Our thanks to Sway Parish Council for permitting the use of the public open space for this performance, to Sway Village Hall for their assistance and all the volunteers and cast who are working hard to make this event possible for residents of Sway and beyond to enjoy a long awaited evening out!